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FunWrite is a journaling app heavily inspired by StimuWrite, but developed with Sciter.JS insead of Godot, and over 100mb smaller.

It supports custom backgrounds — just put any MP4 file in the folder with it!

You can find the jellyfish background (and many more!) here.


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Hello there! I really like this app, but unfortunately some features seem not to work! I’ve got mp4 files in the same folder as the exe file, but while they do show up in the dropdown, selecting any of them leads to a blank white background. I’m also unable to adjust features like the Theme and Typing sounds, as there are no other options in the dropdown menus; is this intentional or am I missing something? Thank you for your hard work in making this!

Thanks for the feedback! I haven’t gotten around to adding theme/sound support yet, but if you’re willing to share one of the mp4 files that don’t work, I can try to fix it.


Gotcha, just making sure! Here’s one that I used, but I downloaded several from the same source just in case and none of them work after trial and error, so I hope to nab a fix at some point! Thanks again!

As illustrated in this screenshot, I was able to get it working no problem. I’m on Windows 10 though, can I ask what OS you’re using?


I’m on Windows 10, as well! I tried deleting the files and redownloading just to see if that would fix it, but no luck, I’m afraid. Here’s a gif of what happens when I try:

And a screenshot of the file directory to show everything should be in the correct place:

The GUI engine behind the app relies on your system’s video codecs to decode MP4 files. My best guess is it’s looking for a particular one that doesn’t exist.

I’ve contacted the author of the engine about your issue and am waiting for a response. In the meantime, here are what my codecs are:

I found this by clicking the blue “Technical Support Information” link in the “About” dialog of Windows Media Player.