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vPen is an OBS overlay for vtubers that tracks your pen.

Images can be customized by replacing those found in the provided images folder.

vPen was developed using Sciter and packaged with Quark.

Updated 21 days ago
StatusIn development
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AuthorGirkov Arpa
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Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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v0.1.0 Windows 32-bit 3 MB
v1.0.0 Windows 32-bit
v1.0.1 Windows 32-bit 2 MB

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Hi! I have a problem I don't know how to solve. How do I *hide* the green background in OBS ?



From https://restream.io:

Right-click on the video source you’ve created and select Filter. Click the + button under the Effects Filters section and select Chroma Key.


Thank you!


hello! I absolutely LOVE the app, my only issue is that on the second screen (Tablet) the border of the app cut the tablet a little bit so the edges are sharp and I can't see the hand on it even when I go on the corner of my pc screen. I'll test it later again with my second monitor as I'm not at home rn, I just wanted to test it first ^^

I'm using v1.0.1 with the base assets

Thanks for the feedback!

When you say the tablet is cut by the border of the app, do you mean the tablet doesn’t fit inside its window because it’s too small? Or is it that the tablet is too far to the right or left? Is the tablet centered?

If you don’t mind sharing a screenshot, that would be helpful.


hello! I love this tool but i seem to be having trouble with the window that shows the front view of the vtuber (with the tablet and the small hand) when I use my cintiq to draw.

it shows the small hand way off on the left as I have screens that are extended and it seems to display the tablet as monitor 1 and my cintiq as monitor 2?

this is using v1.0.0

Thank you for the feedback! I just uploaded v1.0.1, I think it will solve your issue.


Awesome, very helpful for pngtubers, way worth it!!

minor issues as of 10/12/22

I love this tool so much, as an artist/PNGtuber having a way to track my pen adds so much to my streams, but there are a few minor issues I would like to bring to your attention. I see this tool is still in development, so I hope I am not annoying you with issues you are already working on. Anyway, here are some of the things I have noticed;

1. the images provided have several places where the linework gets scuffed. It bothers me more than it should, and I would be happy to fix it for you to possibly lighten your workload just a bit c(ˆ▿ˆc)!  

2. It may just be me, but I have no idea how to work the second window (the one with the tablet in view). I cannot full-screen it, I cannot see the other pen. A guide or video would be very helpful. 

features that would be nice to see:

 an option to resize the hand with a slider would be super helpful! 

a tutorial for the entire app [posted separately]  could help a lot of users!


Thank you for the feedback. I’d love to replace the graphics with your own, if you want.

If you look at the first GIF on this page (representing the second window), you’ll notice at certain cursor positions, the hand is hidden behind the tablet.

Could you try moving your cursor along the edge of your desktop while observing the second window, to see if the hand becomes visible?

I’ve done a rewrite of the app to make it easier for me to edit and add features, like a hand-resize slider.

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Because creators deserve compensation for their work?? This ain't hard chief

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