Girkov Arpa

The best clipboard manager. Ever.
Swat flies on your desktop.
Fun, goal-oriented text editor!
Add or remove textures from .bin files
Write games in JavaScript.
For your copy & paste convenience!
Find files that contain your text.
For people who paste pics a lot.
Hassle-free image viewing.
Obnoxious TO-DO overlay that doesn't go away.
For GameMaker programmers.
Grammatical gender syntax color-coding.
for sciter noobs, by a sciter noob
Customize GIMP's loading screen.
Satisfy all your REST API testing needs.
Paint France w/ your coords!
Run in browser
Reveal mom & dad's contributions to your DNA!
Paint a heatmap with K36 or G25 coords!
Generate a heatmap with your G25 coordinates!
Run in browser
Add a textbox to your game.
.ini files + dialog boxes = games!
Guess your eye color using your data!
Reveal your region relative counts.
Customizable game launcher & updater.
Sort relatives by haplogroup, surname, gender, & more!
Run in browser
Visualize your ancestral origins with your 23andMe data.
Transparent vtuber avatar overlay.
Machine Learning with Rust.
Rust DLL + GameMaker examples
GMS2 replacement for "depth = -y"
A GameMaker Studio 2 project for making a simple HTML5 online multiplayer game. Includes server code.
Lock the cursor in the window!
Win32 dialogs for GMS 2.2!
Animate your game window icon!
Animate your window and taskbar icons!
Get microphone (peak) volume.
Quickly preview LOTS of sounds.
A die to roll on your screen.
League of Legends auto-queue & insta-lock!
Simple, intuitive screenshotting.
Pen tracker overlay for vtubers.
Simple, discreet keylogging.
An (almost) featureless color picker.
Minimalist text editor.
Customizable mouse highlighter!
Sound FX for typists!
Your adorable desktop companion!
Automatically log your night actions in Town of Salem.
The leading auto-clicker for Windows.
Frame your screen with a rainbow inset.
Custom beep generator.
It's hard to remember claims. This can help!
For editing .EXE file metadata.
Alerts for excessively loud mic input.
Grab & save colors from your screen.
Checklist to remember the imposters.
Automatically change wallpaper & colors.
Filesize optimizer / compressor.
Quickly censor many images!
Customizable crosshair overlay.
A tiny MP3 player.
Turn any image into a stencil floating over your screen!